Private Moon

Has you ever saw a moon so close that you could touch it? Russian artist Leonid Tishkov and photographer Boris Bendikov have created a series of artwork titled “Private Moon”, where he give life to a man and his moon.

Tishkov says that each image is a poetic tale and has written poetic verses to go with each picture. The idea for this project came from a painting of a moon in a tree by Rene Magritte.

Tishkoy tells the touching story of the moon: ““Private Moon” is a visual poem telling the story of a man who met the Moon and stayed with her for the rest of his life. In the upper world, in fact in the attic of his own house, he saw the Moon falling off from the sky. Once she was hiding from the Sun in a dark and damp tunnel. But the passing trains frightened her. Now she came to this man’s house. Having wrapped the Moon with warm blankets he treated her with autumn apples, gave her a cup of tea, and when she got well he took her in his boat across the dark river to the high bank overgrown with moon pine-trees. He descended into the lower world dressed in the clothes of his deceased father and then returned from there lighting up his path with his personal Moon. Crossing the borderline between the two worlds across a narrow bridge, immersed in a dream and taking care of this heavenly creature, the man became a mythological being living in a real world as in a fairytale.”

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