Happiest Celebrity Mugshots

Everyone loves looking at celebrity mugshots. From photos of a disoriented Paris Hilton or Kid Rock, these can provide hours of laughs and entertainment. Celebrities always seem to be smiling in mugshots. I guess that's because they know they're going to go home very soon in there limousines by giving money. The following is a list of some of most memorable celebrity mugshots being happy.

Paris Hilton

Kasey Kahl

Shia LaBeouf

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Carmen Electra

Khloe Kardashian

Robert Downey Jr.

Kid Rock

Mickey Rourke

Vince Neil

James Brown

Rush Limbaugh

Tom DeLay

Kimora Lee Simmons

Mischa Barton

Nicole Richie

Mel Gibson

John Edwards

Haley Joel Osment

Michelle Rodriguez

Vanilla "Wafers" Ice

Macaulay Culkin
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