Scariest Celebrity Faces Of 2011

You would say that after so many pictures that paparazzi take of these celebrities every day, they would learn their best angles and how to pose and smile to look good in a picture and what face expression works best for them. But no! Meet the absolute champions of looking awful in pictures. Here are the most scariest celebrity faces of this year. I hope you’ve already had your meal because these images below are really disgusting.

Charlie Sheen

Tyra Banks

Sylvester Stallone

Lindsay Lohan

Jo Calderon (aka Lady Gaga)

Mel Gibson

Amy Winehouse

Axl Rose

Steven Tyler

Robert Pattinson

Michele Bachmann

Courtney Stodden

Gwyneth Paltrow

Carrot Top


Richard Simmon

Russel Brand

Katy Perry

Deena from Jersey Shore

Ali Lohan

Mickey Rourke

Iggy Pop

Source: buzzfeed
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