Thirteen Movie Poster Trends That Are Here To Stay

I can’t help but notice how so many posters for various films look alike. If you think Hollywood is running out of ideas for screenplays, than you should see how desperate they are when creating posters. Christophe Courtois recently produced a fun article displaying thirteen movie poster trends that are here to stay, and what they say about their movies.

1. Tiny People On the Beach, Giant Heads in the Clouds

2. Sexy Back (Most Likely to Contain Weaponry)

3. Back to Back

4. The Bed

5. I’ve Got My Eye On You

6. Nature is Blue

7. Black/Orange

8. Run For Your Life

9. Legs Wide Spread

10. Is That Your Face Or Are the Drugs Kicking In?

11. The Red Dress Never Goes Out of Fashion

12. The Rip-Off

13. Text In Your Face
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