Dad Waves at Son in 170 Costumes

Two big thumbs up to American Fork, Utah father Dale Price, also known as the "Wave at the Bus" dad. Price dressed up in a costume every morning of the school year—all 170 days—and then headed outside to wave goodbye to his son's school bus. Price says it started out at a joke on the first day of school to embarrass Rain, a high school sophomore with a 4.0 GPA, since it was his first year riding the bus, and things just snowballed from there.

Indeed, Rain was initially embarrassed by his father's antics, but soon, he and his bus riding classmates, grew to love the costumes and looked forward to seeing what creative outfit his dad would wear next.

The Pirate's Last Wave

Price didn't repeat a costume all year—he's dressed up as a Anakin Skywalker, a pirate, Michael Jackson, and yes, as a blushing bride—and he only spent around $50 total. He mostly borrowed his get-ups from friends and neighbors. Although Dave doesn't plan to do it again next year, Rain can still relive the memories. His mom Rochelle started a blog to document the daily costumes.

Source: waveatthebus
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