Hollywood's 20 Highest-Earning Celebrities

This list includes top 10 highest-earning actresses and top 10 best paid actors of Hollywood, according to Forbes. It clearly shows the pay gap between women and men, and you can compare their earnings from June 1, 2009 to June 1, 2010.

Johnny Depp: $75 million; Sandra Bullock: $56 million

Ben Stiller: $53 million; Reese Witherspoon: $32 million

Tom Hanks: $45 million; Cameron Diaz: $32 million

Adam Sandler: $40 million; Jennifer Aniston: $27 million

Leonardo DiCaprio: $28 million; Sarah Jessica Parker: $25 million

Daniel Radcliffe: $25 million; Julia Roberts: $20 million

Robert Downey Jr.: $22 million; Angelina Jolie: $20 million

Tom Cruise: $22 million; Drew Barrymore: $15 million

Brad Pitt: $20 million; Meryl Streep: $13 million

George Clooney: $19 million; Kristen Stewart: $12 million

Source: telegraph.co.uk
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