Colombian Chefs Create 'Love Dessert' with Viagra

Students at a Colombian cooking school have created a 'love dessert' made with passion fruit and Viagra.

Student chefs at the state culinary school, SENA, in Quindio province, came to the capital Bogota to present their special pudding at the "Gastronomy 2009" culinary show on Friday.

The creamy dessert is garnished with whipped cream and chocolate, and served in a parfait glass.

The students at the school range from 17 to 23 years old.

Carlos Romero, one of the creators said the recipe directions describe how to safely dissolve Viagra into the dessert.

The dessert is, of course, not for sale, as Viagra is a prescription drug.

Before being widely available at restaurants the dessert must go through a thorough inspection process and receive the approval of Colombia's food and drug institute.

Maria Rosa Hernandez, an official at Colombia's National Institute for the oversight of Food and Medications (INVIMA), told journalists that a sample of the dessert would be taken so that the concentration of its ingredients could be studied.

Source: Ibnlive
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