Molossia - The World's Smallest Republic

The Republic of Molossia is world's smallest sovereign republic. Governed by President Kevin Baugh for over 30 years, this progressive micronation has a population of six: Kevin, his two sons and three dogs. This half-hectare of land near Dayton, Nevada may look like just another home in the US desert, but it is in fact the country of Molossia - the world's smallest sovereign republic.

Molossia has a space program, and by that we mean they have a store-bought telescope and some toy rockets with a camera attached to them. We have to admit that looks like fun.

You need a passport to visit it, Molossia has its own postal service and its own currency (made from poker chips) and that’s pretty much all there is to know or to see.

The country has its own postal poice.

and postal service.

You need a visa on your passport to gain entry.

Currency made from poker chips.

The national drink is El Presidente bottled water.

The transport network is very efficient.

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Source: telegraph
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