Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League is giving fans of the sport a whole new reason to watch. Instead of rooting for burly men running around in pads and spandex pants, spectators can cheer on women playing seven-on-seven tackle football.

The crowd was charged during the introductions, as the lights were dimmed and two huge jets of flame leap into the air. The women gathered at midfield for the coin toss, wearing revealing bikini outfits

It does not require a great deal of imagination to work out the marketing strategy of the Lingerie Football League. Decked out in thin-looking shoulder pads, lacrosse-style helmets and skimpy uniforms.

Players dressed in bras and the tiniest of shorts. The branding is blatant - the teams have names like the San Diego Seduction, Dallas Desire and Los Angeles Temptation.

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