Crocodile Cage of Death

Ever wanted to come face-to-face with a real live crocodile? Well, now you can, at the newly-opened Crocosaurus Cove theme park in Darwin, Australia.

The park’s star attraction, the “Cage of Death”, allows visitors to have a close-encounter with a crocodile from within the safety of a 4-cm-thick acrylic tank that separates them from “Choppa,” a saltwater crocodile who lost both front teeth from fighting with other crocodiles.

Visitors will be submerged in the tank for 15 minutes while Choppa tries to take a bite out of them.

While this may sound appealing to thrill seekers, the attraction has sparked criticism from animal rights activists who see it as a cruel way of taunting the crocodile and intruding its home.

In addition to the “Cage of Death,” the park also features seven crocodile enclosures with underwater viewing windows and one with a swimming area next to the window so visitors can see what it feels like to swim with the crocodiles.

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